Not sure how to properly quote in your work?

Not sure how to properly quote in your work?

You do not know how to correctly look for citations given by your school for your diploma or bachelor thesis? First of all, you must realize that ISO 690 points only to what may not be missing in the citation and in what order these elements are to be presented. Thus, Norma completes most of the functional citation styles, but if we use different generators to create citations, then we need to make sure that the form is the same for all citations, because we can’t use different forms in one list. If it is the generators themselves, we recommend using

Are you not sure whether you have correctly cited resources at work?

It is crucial that you realize that the text must be adequately marked from where you have taken a thought. If you use an idea, a picture, a graph, a table, or even a portion of your previously published work in your work, we must include a source. If you mention some information that is well known, you do not need to quote it. Specifically, we mean this:

The Velvet Revolution was held in 1989…

You do not need to provide any source for this because it is a well-known information. If you have already used the whole sentence or paragraph about this event, then the source is mentioned and it is a direct quotation in the thesis / diploma thesis.

Do you know what the difference between direct citation and paraphrase is?

If you use text in your work that you have literally taken from another publication, then it is a direct quote that needs to be typographically highlighted. You must not forget to separate the text from the rest of the text with quotation marks and specify the author and source. As a general rule, your work should not contain more than 10% of direct quotes. In the case of paraphrasing, you already describe the text you have already adopted in your own words so that its meaning remains the same. You do not need to put the text in quotation marks, but you specify the source and author. The key is to read the original text thoroughly and to reformulate it with your own words. The text itself is usually shorter, but again, the meaning remains the same!

Are you worried that your work will be marked as plagiarism?

Your text will be marked as plagiarism if you do not adequately indicate where you took the idea from. Whether it is a direct or indirect quote, you must always indicate where you draw the idea. If you have crawled someone’s picture or chart, remember the source again. If you are not sure that you have everything in your work as it should be. You can have your work checked by plagiarism. We recommend using our website where your work will be verified within a few days and will be sent to your mail.