Do you not know how to adequately prepare for defending your work?

You do not know how to defend your bachelor thesis / diploma thesis? It is crucial to create a system that will make your defense a pleasant thing for you. No one knows your work as thoroughly as you do, so you have a huge advantage over the commission that needs to be used for your own benefit.

Study your work and the resources you’ve been drawing from.

For each work, the student draws on a number of sources, whether they are Internet articles or professional books. It is essential that you know what specifically the source has been dealing with and why it has been beneficial to your work. Of course, you do not need to know the details of each book, but it is crucial that you at least know what the title was about. Why do we just point out this? You must assume that opponents know these books and other resources. For example, if you used a book that was written twenty years ago, the opponent may point out that there are many newer, up-to-date resources on the subject today. Your task is to defend why you used this literature. It may seem like a tough task to you, but you know best why you used these resources.

Remember to pay sufficient attention to the practical part and the chosen method.

Most of the work consists of a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part, the student’s task is to prove that he / she can work with resources and use citations according to valid standards. In contrast, the practical part should have its own contribution to the issue. It is essential at the very beginning to determine the objective of the practical part, which we want to fulfill by conducting research. Then choose a research method that will be adequate for your research. There are several methods, so make sure you need quantitative or qualitative data collection. When choosing a quantitative questionnaire method, you can get help if you do not have time to fill in dozens of questionnaires, which you must subsequently evaluate and draw graphs for them. 

Thorough study and preparation of questions from the opponent will guarantee you a smooth defense.

Bachelor thesis can be easily defended, you have to anticipate that your opponent will have some questions about you. After all, it’s his job. You don’t have to worry about it. Nobody knows your job as well as you do. Read once more what you wrote and get answers to the questions in advance. Write everything down. He also recommends several other works on the subject. Maybe you’ll find something you didn’t pay for yourself.