Are you having trouble formatting your work correctly?

Believe that you are not the only ones who have difficulty in formatting their diploma or bachelor thesis. The key is, first of all, to know what requirements your format has for your formatting. It is no exception that each faculty has its formatting adjusted to its own needs, so read the materials provided by the faculty. Many faculties also have pre-created templates in which they are already writing or posting, which will make the process much easier. Margins are already set in the template, partitioned, so you don’t have to worry about setting page numbering, etc.

Don’t know how to create content?

Some students have difficulty generating the content of their work. In order to generate it correctly, it is necessary to start with the division of chapters. There are several tabs on the top panel of the word. You can divide the titles of each chapter and subchapter as you type or leave it to the end.

Once you have correctly labeled chapters, half the work is done! Next, find the references on the top panel where you can see the content in the top left corner. Choose the style of your own and the content will be automatically generated by you.

If you edit or update the content further, use the icon directly in the content that appears when you click on the content. It is an icon to update the table, where the entire content will be adjusted (added chapters will be added, numbering will change, etc.)

Partitioning is no longer a problem!

The biggest problem was setting the page numbering from a particular place. With this manual you will no longer be able to solve this bead for you. Inserting numbering into a file in word is not difficult. The problem arises when it is necessary to set the numbering from a different side than from the first. First of all, you have to split your work into sections